• Heather Turner

Proofreading - How Important Is It?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

“This wasnt what I expected when I wrote this”.

Hopefully, the writer of the above sentence proofread their work before submitting it. Had they not, the reader would consider the author’s credibility as unreliable; if the writer wasn’t willing to proofread their work, how could they be relied upon regarding the accuracy of the information provided. Remember -- first impressions.

When preparing a business document, resume, school paper, or web/blog content, and you don’t proofread your work, your dependability goes down the drain, and your effort loses its capacity to be referenced or subsequently followed.

Proofreading is essential for all written communication. Your writing reflects you – your knowledge on a particular subject, exactness, and competence. Even a misplaced or forgotten comma can throw the reader off.

Sometimes it pays to seek out a second pair of eyes to review your work. Accuracy -- I can’t emphasize this enough -- is always essential. It is even more critical when the recipient of your written communication is evaluating it and you:

  • resumes and cover letters - a prospective employer’s first window into who you are as well as your potential

  • academic papers - accuracy is crucial both in its detail and presentation

  • web and blog content - accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

Proofreading covers so many areas: spelling, punctuation, formatting, style, consistency, and grammar. The list goes on. Is proofreading important? You bet it is. Your career, in some aspect, could depend on it.

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